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  1. Marion

    Know your Mum through the Blue Cross, and she told me about your trip.

    I’m always interested in travel, so look forward to reading your blog. Bon voyage!

  2. Kev

    Have an amazing time guys, I’m looking forward to the first upload of photos, hopefully it won’t be to long 🙂

  3. Pam BJ

    Great start! (I’m a friend of Huge’s mum from work)
    It reminded me very much of ‘The Most Exotic Marigold Hotel!)
    Look forward to following your adventures Huge and Nicole xx

  4. Sonja and Rod

    loving your blog and looking forward to each New installment. interesting observation about the money, love the photos.

  5. raphael

    dude, awesome, brings back the memories now, I can almost smell it..

    VERY good writing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now do you know what I was talking about!!!????

  6. Greg and Chris

    Hi Hugh and Nicole,
    Sounds a fantastic adventure, warts ‘n all ! So well described, lots of info, one could almost be there with you. Love the pix too, Love Greg and Chris

  7. Nigel Coles

    Hi Hugh and Nicole,

    Hope you are having a great trip. Love the Blog and Photos Great shots of the trains and stations.

    I would love to know why all those coaches are parked in the sidings in long grass ? It looks a great trip with all the culture buildings and people.

    This is the first chance I had to see your blog with Darren in Banbury.

    June broke her arm in a fall and is in the Horton Hospital for observation for a few days until a care package can be arranged.

    Otherwise we are all ok.

    Hoping to see your mum and dad this week.

    take care and enjoy the wonderful experience.

    Best wishes.

    Love Uncle Nige x

  8. Scott Evil

    Thanks for the entertaining Blog guys, its nice to see India through your eyes, from the comfort of my computer chair. Don’t forget to check under your bed for snakes in the morning before you get up….

    Sian and Scott.

  9. Sonja Coles

    Sorry to hear about your computer malfunction – that’s a bit scary 🙁

    However – the culinary delights sound most intriguing and you must report back – so we can dish ’em up’ when you get back to Blighty!! x

    1. hugh

      Wow! Those are worth a few quid.

      Will have to keep my eyes open for any other diamonds in the rough!

    1. hugh

      Well I saw a documentary on it with Paul Merton as the unwilling interviewer…

      In India, if you are born with both bits in place, you are quickly cut and given a dress.
      Unfortunately for these few, they have no say in any of this and become instant outcasts, forced to form roving gangs that extort money from local businesses; usually by way of making a nuisance of themselves until they are sent packing with some coins in hand.

  10. Scott Evil

    Best friends. That wasn’t likely to happen up Cowley rd was it….That’s the stuff that makes travel worthwhile and can’t be had without getting off the couch and going out in the woods a little. Great photo.

    1. hugh

      That, good sir, is St. Arockia Nathar Church.
      It made us smile as the name on the board outside just read; ‘Saint Rocks’.

  11. Rob

    Hiya Hugh and Nicole.
    It was great to Skype you both on Christmas Eve. It was as if you were both here with us. We really all enjoyed our ‘Indian Christmas’.
    We were all so pleasantly surprised by the gifts. All greatfuly received.
    I’m glad the trip is going well.
    Have a happy new year. Hope we speak again soon.
    All the best to you both.
    Rob, Mary & the boys.

    1. hugh

      Hello. Happy New Year to you all!

      It was great to see everyone all dressed up and having a good time.
      We were happy to be part of it, even so far away.

      Hope all is well and look forward to catching up soon.

      Hugh and Nicole

    1. hugh

      I think that the army keep those ones for themselves. but you can get the little red caps and the large wedding hats with little fans on.
      Both look pretty cool.

  12. Scott Evil

    what a great post….you hired your own Limo, ate death Samosas, visited the palaces of kings, rode Sgt Pepper the Elephant and saw the Gunaxe….I can imagine the videogame or movie that would feature a Gunaxe….pure awesomeness. I love the look on the assistant snakecharmers face, relaxed but quietly trying to be as far away from the snake as possible. Hope you’re both well, and enjoying the heck out of your trip.

    1. hugh

      Cheers buddy. This was definitely one off the best days of the trip so far. Just so much to take in 🙂

  13. raphael

    wow you finally left India, whew, I feel better already!!! I always wanted to see nepal,,,,the clothes they make are amazingly beautiful….

    1. hugh

      Yes! It was quite the struggle at times. Glad I had the chance to see so much of it though.

      Nepal is amazing, and we have already stocked up on some woolly hats and thick jumpers. It’s needed really as it gets so cold at night.

      Hope all is well 🙂

  14. James

    Great description hugh. Koh Tao really is a lovely island. Koh phangan is a lot bigger and costs more to travel from one place to another. I’m travelling up to chang Mai tonight and hopefully you may do at some point. Maybe on your next trip 🙂 I look forward to reading more about your travels…good luck! 🙂

  15. Scott Evil

    Happy Birthday, hope you are having a lovely time. Looking forward to sitting down with you both and hearing all your tales in person one day, till then hugs and wishing you safe journey.


  16. Greg & Chris

    Hi Hugh. Happy birthday to you from me here in Brisbane at Hannah and Ants (and gorgeous baby Alana) – having a great time (even flew down to Sydney for the day Tuesday !). – and from Chris (in Worthing) and Ross (at home in KB with Drew).
    Hope things are well for you and Nicole. Looks like happy birthday to you too Nicole ? What a fantastic adventure you seem to be having

    Love Greg

    1. Hugh Coles

      Hi Greg. Great to hear from you and thanks for the message. We are both having a great time and are so far loving Laos -where we have just arrived. Send our love to the family and hope all is well.

  17. Rob Bohm

    Hi Hugh.
    You certainly are having quite a trip.
    Happy Birthday old boy.
    I hope it was good.
    Rob, Mary and the boys.

  18. Scott Evil

    Well you are as good as your word, thankyou for that. I don’t know what I expected exactly, but somehow puppets in water was the last thing I thought of from the name water puppetry. I was thinking some sort of juggling squirting type of an act…I don’t even know. was there a happy ending?

  19. Nige Coles

    Hi Hugh and Nicole
    Just reading your ramblings. all sounds great
    will send you an email
    take care. enjoy
    best wishes