The call of India

“Hello my friend. Please come take a seat here.”

“Yes sir, I am sure you will be interested in my wares.”

“Mama you are so pretty and your skin is white white. Please try on this bracelet.”

“Hey Lady, look at me!”

These are just some of the many phrases thrown our way every day as we walk from beach to market place.
A short shake of the head or a quick “no” usually turns attention elsewhere, unless you are beset by teenagers, or children who incessantly follow you down the road or hassle you at your table.

Some sample prices for everyday goods we have encountered so far:

1 litre of mineral water – rs 20
Bag of crisps – rs 20
300ml bottle of Pepsi – rs 25
Cup of tea – rs 40
650ml strong beer – rs 100
Light shirt – rs 100
Freshly caught fish, two steaks – rs 350
Curry and rice in a tourist area – rs 180
Curry and rice elsewhere – rs 80
Night’s accommodation – rs 400 – 2800

Current rates have 100 rupees to the pound.

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