Chiang Mai – Tiger Kingdom

Nicole and I took a leap of faith and visited the hand-reared tigers in Chiang Mai’s Tiger Kingdom the other day.

The zoo was adamant that they did not drug the animals, and backed up by a good reputation we decided to venture into the cages. Tigers are massive! Pure muscle ripples along their flanks as they walk and jump about.

We found the tigers to be fairly playful, although the ones in the following video were mostly sleepy in the afternoon sun.

3 thoughts on “Chiang Mai – Tiger Kingdom

  1. Rob Bohm

    Hi Hugh.
    You certainly are having quite a trip.
    Happy Birthday old boy.
    I hope it was good.
    Rob, Mary and the boys.

    1. Hugh Coles Post author

      Hello, and thank you. We are both well and having a grand time. Laos is amazing, with lots to see. Send our love to the family.

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