4 thoughts on “Birthday Girl

  1. Scott Evil

    Happy Birthday, hope you are having a lovely time. Looking forward to sitting down with you both and hearing all your tales in person one day, till then hugs and wishing you safe journey.


  2. Greg & Chris

    Hi Hugh. Happy birthday to you from me here in Brisbane at Hannah and Ants (and gorgeous baby Alana) – having a great time (even flew down to Sydney for the day Tuesday !). – and from Chris (in Worthing) and Ross (at home in KB with Drew).
    Hope things are well for you and Nicole. Looks like happy birthday to you too Nicole ? What a fantastic adventure you seem to be having

    Love Greg

    1. Hugh Coles Post author

      Hi Greg. Great to hear from you and thanks for the message. We are both having a great time and are so far loving Laos -where we have just arrived. Send our love to the family and hope all is well.

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