End of the Road (South)

For the past two months we have maintained a steady journey south. This came to an end as we reached Kanyakumari, a town which sits on the southernmost tip of India.

We both felt a little accomplishment having reached this point, and took the chance to ascend one of the highest buildings in the town, to look out over the water, to where three seas meet.

To the east sits the Bay of Bengal, to the south the Indian Ocean, and to the west the Arabian Sea. Just off the mainland sits a large rock on which the locals erected a statue to Thiruvalluvar, a revered Tamil poet.


2 thoughts on “End of the Road (South)

    1. hugh Post author

      That, good sir, is St. Arockia Nathar Church.
      It made us smile as the name on the board outside just read; ‘Saint Rocks’.

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