Exploring on Christmas Eve

Nicole and I stayed in the small town of Mahabalipuram over Christmas and we have been busy exploring the local ruins which are all counted as World Heritage Sites.

One of the most impressive locations was the Five Rathas which the British unearthed from centuries of being buried in sand. The temples are each given to a specific deity and each deity was also given a life-size carving of their mount just outside their temple. The large elephant was the best preserved, and certainly the star of the attraction. It took me a long time to get a moment without other tourists in the frame as there were scores bustling around.

In one of the following photos, the keen eyed amongst you might see a carving of an Egyptian Pharaoh. This is seen by many Indian scholars to indicate the existence of an ancient trade route between Egypt and Mahabalipuram.


IMG_0923 IMG_0920 IMG_0915 IMG_0914 IMG_0911IMG_0903 IMG_0909

2 thoughts on “Exploring on Christmas Eve

  1. Rob

    Hiya Hugh and Nicole.
    It was great to Skype you both on Christmas Eve. It was as if you were both here with us. We really all enjoyed our ‘Indian Christmas’.
    We were all so pleasantly surprised by the gifts. All greatfuly received.
    I’m glad the trip is going well.
    Have a happy new year. Hope we speak again soon.
    All the best to you both.
    Rob, Mary & the boys.

    1. hugh Post author

      Hello. Happy New Year to you all!

      It was great to see everyone all dressed up and having a good time.
      We were happy to be part of it, even so far away.

      Hope all is well and look forward to catching up soon.

      Hugh and Nicole

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