Fort Vagator

We arrived on our scooter near to the top of the large hill that the fort sits atop. We parked up where the road ran out, and looked up at the climb above us. There was no path so to speak, merely a rocky, steep slope which was peppered with loose stones that slid about underfoot. The final ascent was steep so we took our time climbing up. There were quite a lot of locals headed to the summit as well and they too were struggling a little.

At one point the slope evened up and a huge fissure split the ground open, weeds spilling out of the gap.









Eventually we reached the top and walked in through a small arch. The fort is long since ruined, a wall the only structure still standing apart from a small memorial stone near the inner entrance which had weathered away. Despite the lack of anything much to see inside the actual site (save for a field of long grass I am sure was full of snakes), the views over the edge of the wall were fantastic, with eagles soaring and swooping around us, with the sleepy village and beach laid out below us.

Vagator Coastline