European Road Trip

Hello world, it’s been too long. 

Dusting off the blog and committing pen to paper feels strangely odd, as if I’m revisiting an old lifestyle; the last time I really got to talk about my adventures was back in Asia, so in some ways it is! 

The last few years have seen Nicole and I travel to Scotland, Vienna, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague and Portugal but all for just short stays. The sense of getting out of the grind and really traveling never set in, perhaps that’s why I never set aside time to write about these otherwise excellent places. But no more!

This summer we decided to cash in some holiday time and make a break for the Alps, in the car, our tent in tow. Working out the route was fun. Balancing driving with the hassle of putting up the tent and then getting enough time to see the sights made us revisit the plan a few times before finally setting our shortlist of countries and towns.

The plan is to visit Bruges, Ghent, Wingene, Brussels, Luxembourg, Zurich, Vaduz, Como, Interlaken, Geneva, Dijon, Epernay and Dunkirk. I’ll let you know how we get on.