Stepping Back

Internet in Gokarna is tricky to get a hold of, and I have been relying almost solely on a 2G connection from my phone. As a result, I have just had the chance to upload some of the photos from Hampi on our final day there. The pictures chronicle our visit to the Vitthala Temple some two miles or so, outside of the town, to the east.

The temple was built in the Vijayanagara style and period in 1422, and is dedicated to Vishnu in his many aspects. The temple itself features some slender pillars, which if struck with your hands produce musical notes that can be heard half a mile away. Unfortunately these are now off limits as tourism has begun to wear them down.

In front of the temple is the ‘Stone Chariot’, one of three in the whole of India still intact.

IMG_9227 IMG_9234 IMG_9260 IMG_9267