Aerial Bombardment

Today we emerged from our hotel expecting the typical downfall of heavy thunder-rain.

Amazingly the sun was out, and for the first time in a week, we left our jackets behind and enjoyed the sun-dappled roads of Siem Reap. Moving between coffee shops and restaurants, we ended up in a Japanese place for dinner.

As soon as the sun set however, we were struck from all sides by a plague of crickets. Green ones, black ones, tiny micro-crickets and ones the size of cockroaches launched themselves at us from all sides. They swooped down from above, and leapt up from below, pinging off our heads and climbing over our shoulders.

Thankfully there are worse creatures out here, and we took these in our stride. The way I saw it, if they were going to celebrate a nice day, then so was I.

A few beers later, and the only worry was keeping the little buggers out of my glass!

One of many